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Weavers Way Co-op

Online Voting

Results - 2015 Board Election and Bylaw Revisions for Weavers Way Cooperative Association

Turnout: 644 (11.5%) of 5586 electors voted in this ballot.
Note: 82 votes were manually input by the administrators.

Due to the tie for 4th place in the election of at-large directors, a vote by show of hands was held at the General Membership Meeting to determine which candidate would receive a three-year term and which candidate would receive a two-year term. The results of the vote at the GMM were as follows:

Votes were for the candidate to serve the three-year term.

Larry Daniels received 42 votes and will serve a three-year term.
David Woo received 22 votes and will serve a two-year term.

At-large directors

Option Votes
Joyce Miller 519 (18.9%)
Megan Seitz Clinton (incumbent) 515 (18.8%)
Emmalee MacDonald (incumbent) 505 (18.4%)
Larry Daniels (incumbent) 439 (16.0%)
David Woo 437 (15.9%)
Jordan Barnett 319 (11.6%)
Write-in 9 (0.3%)

Total 644
Abstain 16 (2.5%)

Option Votes
Emmalee Macdonald 1 (0.0%)
Glenn Bergman 1 (0.0%)
John Rosenwinkel 1 (0.0%)
Kentu 1 (0.0%)
Larry Daniels 1 (0.0%)
Lisa Hogan 1 (0.0%)
Megan Seitz Clinton 1 (0.0%)
Ron Demarco 1 (0.0%)
Vladimir Putin 1 (0.0%)

Proposed Weavers Way Bylaws Revisions

Option Votes
Yes, to accept the proposed bylaw changes. 507 (88.3%)
No, to keep the bylaws as they are. 67 (11.7%)

Total 644
Abstain 70 (10.9%)

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